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Thanks to the FlowReactor node wizard you can easily create your own custom nodes. Simply follow these steps.

Create Node
  1. Right click somewhere in your project view and select
    Create / Flowreactor / New Node.

    The node wizard window shows up. You can now add all general information regarding your node such as namespace, category, name, description and color.

Good to know

You can define sub categories for your nodes with a slash (main category/sub1/sub2)


You can also use hexadecimal color codes as a string in the color attribute of the class. Example: #FF0000

Advanced settings

In the advanced settings tab you can enable/disable node inspector specific options.

  • Disable Default Inspector
    If set to false it will draw all variables you define in your node class similar to the default Unity inspector.

  • Disable Variable Inspector
    Should be set to false unless you want to create a custom node gui editor. This basically defines if variables of type FRVariable should be visible or not in the node inspector.

  • Draw Custom Inspector
    If set to true you will have the option to add custom editor gui elements to your node inspector. If you want a more simplified version of decorating your node inspector use the Variable Attributes described further down on this page.

Add code

Your code which is going to be executed by your node should be inside of the OnExecute method.

Use the ExecuteNext method to call the next connected node.

Please see the API documentation for a more detailed description on how to further customize your node.

Good to know

You can edit a node script by simply right-click on the node and select edit script. This is also a great way to examine existing nodes.


// Execute a simple Debug.Log() command.
public override void OnExecute(FlowReactorComponent _flowReactor)
    // Execute
    Debug.Log("Hello World");

   // Execute next node connected to output index 0
   ExecuteNext( 0, _flowReactor );
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