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FlowReactor is a high level visual scripting editor for the Unity game engine. Create AI behaviours, UI flows, dialog trees, in-game scripting, tutorials, game mechanics and logics

Custom nodes

Creating custom nodes is as easy as creating a new c# file.

Scriptable objects workflow

Easy and intuitive scriptable object workflow.

Global & Local blackboards

Global or local variable blackboards. Use scene overrides for scene objects.


Powerful event-system to call events accross graphs.

Intuitive editor

Feels like a native Unity editor tool.

Automatic type conversion

Float to string? You don't need an extra node for this, FlowReactor handles the conversion.

DOTween support

Need tweening? FlowReactor comes with a ready to use DOTween node.

Documentation & Tutorials

Extensive online documentation.


Custom nodes

It's all about your own nodes!

Create custom nodes which are tailored to your project, nodes that can do more than just multiplying two values. This is high level! Creating a custom node with FlowReactor is as easy as creating a new C# file, right click select new node, name it and you're done. Use the node wizard to create nodes with additional advanced features. You can go crazy and even create custom inspector GUI for your nodes.

Control your scripts

The INodeControlable interface, let's you easily control scripts outside of a graph with your graph! This is a great way if you want to implement visual scripting to an existing project without creating new custom nodes.

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FlowReactor has a dedicated variables system which is tightly integrated in the FlowReactor ecosystem (Graphs, Nodes, Blackboards, Eventboards). Connect node variables with blackboard variables, listen to value changes or use scene overrides for scene specific objects. You can rename variables without loosing references. FlowReactor also handles type conversions automatically,


FlowReactor comes with an easy yet powerful event system. Define your events in asset files with additional event parameters and call them in your graphs. Use “Event Listener” nodes to listen to events across graphs and store the event arguments for later use.



Create infinite nested sub-graphs with custom exits / transitions. Use Sub-Graphs for different states or to organize your graphs.


Scriptable Objects workflow

Everything in FlowReactor is stored as scriptable objects – asset files. Be it graphs, blackboards or eventboards. This allows you to neatly organize your project. Graphs are not bound to any scene.



The editor has been developed to seamlessly blend into Unity’s editor. Making it look and feel professional and native. Everything should be logical and easy to read. Copy and paste nodes across multiple graphs, use the minimap to easily navigate through larger sized graphs and create groups and comments to keep your graphs well organized.

Copy & Paste

You can copy and paste connected nodes across different graphs.


Use the minimap to easily navigate through larger sized graphs.

Organize Graphs

Beautiful colored groups and comment nodes helps organizing your graphs.

Configurable Shortcuts

Don’t like the default shortcuts? Simply change them in the settings.

Graph Explorer

Thanks to the graph explorer you can easily navigate through your graph and sub-graphs, quickly find groups and see which nodes are currently active.

Find errors

FlowReactor helps you to easily locate errors in your graph.

Third-party integration


Every game relies on data. Use Databox to connect your blackboard variables with Databox variables and make use of the awesome Databox data editor.

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Flowreactor comes with a very powerful DOTween node which supports tween sequencing and FlowReactor events. DOTween is a fast, efficient, fully type-safe object-oriented animation engine for Unity, optimized for C# users, free and open-source, with tons of advanced features

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