High level visual scripting editor

FlowReactor takes away the clutter of normal visual scripting and helps you quickly realize your ideas.

Use FlowReactor to create AI behaviors, ui flows, dialog trees, in-game level scripting, game mechanics and logics.
Create unlimited nested sub-graphs with custom outputs / transitions. Use the Eventboards and Blackboards to manage global events and variables. Thanks to the scriptable object workflow everything is easily manageable within asset files.

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It's simple

FlowReactor does not try to replace normal scripting.

While it’s possible to create complete games only with FlowReactor, its real power shows up when using your own custom node logics. Use FlowReactor to organize and manage sequences and logic flows with graphs and sub-graphs. Create a graph-asset, add nodes, connect local variables with global variables (blackboard assets), put the graph on a scene object and you’re good to go. FlowReactor is not bloated with tons of unnecessary fancy things which slows down your project.

Use custom tailored nodes

Over 130 nodes in FlowReactor has been carefully hand crafted. Use known Unity methods or special FlowReactor nodes such as the “Advanced Character Controller” node, “Show Dialog” node or custom AI nodes like the “Search For Cover” or “Move Along Waypoints” node.

and/or create your own

Easily create custom nodes with the node wizard, add your code and – if you want – define custom gui elements for the node inspector. Organize your nodes in categories and sub-categories.

Intuitive workflow


FlowReactor comes with a custom variable types system which allows you to connect your local node variables with global variables stored in blackboard asset files. Listen to variable changes with the corresponding OnVariable change event node or use scene overrides to use scene objects. Rename variables without worrying about loosing all references. Blackboards can also be serialized to a file. (only when using supported serializable types)


FlowReactor comes with an easy yet powerful event system. Define your events in asset files with additional event parameters and call them in your graphs. Use “Event Listener” nodes to listen to events across graphs and store the event arguments for later use.

Sub-Graphs & Sub-Graph Instances

Create infinite nested sub-graphs with custom exits / transitions. Use Sub-Graphs for different states or to organize your graphs.
Reuse Sub-Graphs by using Sub-Graph instances.

Scriptable Objects workflow

Everything in FlowReactor is stored as scriptable objects – asset files. Be it graphs, blackboards or eventboards. This allows you to neatly organize your project. Graphs are not bound to any scene.

Beautiful and professional editor

The editor has been developed to seamlessly blend into Unity’s editor. Making it look and feel professional and native. Everything should be logical and easy to read. Copy and paste nodes across multiple graphs, use the minimap to easily navigate through larger sized graphs and create groups and comments to keep your graphs well organized.

Copy & Paste

You can copy and paste connected nodes across different graphs.


Use the minimap to easily navigate through larger sized graphs.

Organize Graphs

Beautiful colored groups and comment nodes helps organizing your graphs.

Configurable Shortcuts

Don’t like the default shortcuts? Simply change them in the settings.

Undo & Redo

FlowReactor supports native undo & redo functionality in the Unity editor.


Graph Explorer

Thanks to the graph explorer you can easily navigate through your graph and sub-graphs, quickly find groups and see which nodes are currently active.

Find errors

FlowReactor helps you to easily locate errors in your graph.


Databox & DOTween support

FlowReactor has native support for third party tools Databox and DOTween


Every game relies on data. Use Databox to connect your blackboard variables with Databox objects variables and make use of the awesome Databox data editor.

Get Databox

Flowreactor comes with a very powerful DOTween node which supports tween sequencing and FlowReactor events.
DOTween is a fast, efficient, fully type-safe object-oriented animation engine for Unity, optimized for C# users, free and open-source, with tons of advanced features

Get DOtween

Demo & Documentation

The Lab is a top-down mini game demo project and showcases the broad spectrum of FlowReactor. It is available for free.

FlowReactor has been used to create:

  • AI Behaviours

  • Character Controller Movement

  • Door triggers and item pickups

  • UI and dialog tree

Get TheLab Demo
Want to know more?

Head over to the official documentation, check out the trailer or join the official forum.

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Start creating now!


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